Nonlinearities in Macroeconomics

The papers are sorted in reverse chronological order according to the dates of the latest draft for unpublished papers (shown in square brackets) or the date of publication for the published papers. Click on the titles of papers to access various versions of the paper and other material such as codes, data and slides, where available.

Current research is supported by National Science Foundation grants SES 1061725 and SES 1425740.

Macroeconomic Dynamics Near the ZLB: A Tale of Two Countries (with Pablo Cuba-Borda and Frank Schorfheide), Review of Economic Studies, 2018, 85, 87-118.

Assessing DSGE Model Nonlinearities (with Luigi Bocola and Frank Schorfheide), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2017, 83, 34-54.

Inflation During and After the Zero Lower Bound (with Frank Schorfheide), 2015 Jackson Hole Symposium Volume, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, 2016, 359-436.